Interested in learning how to Bridge the Gap?

Join us February 22 and 23



Here’s the Goal

We are a diversity conference that engages in activism and advocacy through the arts. The conference provides an opportunity to emerge in a range of dialogue, experiences, and knowledge from peer conversation and interaction. We are hoping to provide a platform for individuals to engage in a larger discussion of how diversity, identity, and more, impact the individual and/or community; on both the local and global scale. We are striving to bridge the gap between the extremities that culminate within society, that create further distance and uncertainty from what is at hand. Growth cannot foster in confinement. Within the audience that we wish to seek, we hope to gather people who have interest in how to further their participation in social justice or recognizing their privilege and learning ways to stop the perpetuation of the current political climate. We also hope to attract people within the community who are of color that can use this conference to flourish and engage in more thought provoking material, while facilitating a healing environment for themselves and others.




99 Brattle St
Cambridge, MA 02138


For questions about access or to request accommodations please contact Rianne Elsadig at Two weeks advance notice is requested.

Get to Know Us

Why we brought this to lesley

Our inaugural team has attended many local diversity conferences that have the same goal: to discuss what’s going on. After attending a conference in March of 2018, the five of us left feeling like Lesley could benefit from these discussions. As a Predominately White Institution (like many colleges in the United States) these conversations do not happen often, if at all. So here it is, the space that needs to be present. At Lesley we have many students who are here to create and express themselves, so why not incorporate the arts into these discussions? And that’s exactly what we did.


Our hopes for you

As a participant, we want you to feel like you are learning new ways to approach activist work. It is not easy and we need to take care of ourselves in the journey of it all in order to see it through. We hope you enter with an open heart and an open mind and discover new approaches to the issues and topics we speak on often.

we are student led

As students who are involved, we see a lot of what can be improved on campus. This conference is one of our many efforts to do so and we think it is important to put the emphasis on the fact that this was started by students and will continue to be run by students.


Our approach

Art has an unlimited amount of potential for impact and compassion, and there are no margins for the ways we can engulf ourselves in it. From spoken word to Reiki and everything in between, the space we are facilitating is meant to nourish education through these practices, and hopefully you leave with a new outlook to it all.



Growth cannot foster in confinement